TBF 154 :: Pandemic Farm Marketing and a Hard Lesson Learned

Hello Beginning Farmer Friends! We are back and better than ever. Well I'm not sure about better than ever, but we are back and I am getting pretty excited about being back (even though it is one episode)! I am excited to be able to "chat" about farming again, and share the happenings of Crooked Gap Farm and our plans for the future. In this episode I end up talking about what our farm marketing world has looked at during the current pandemic of 2020. Sales have been good (I think for many protein farmers that has been true), but along with increased sales and demand there have been plenty of challenges. In the end I do think we are positioning ourselves in a good way for 2021 and beyond. Don't forget you can find us in all of the places, most of all on YouTube (again)! The Beginning Farmer YouTube Channel The Beginning Farmer Instagram The Beginning Farmer Facebook

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