An endless alien war, an enigmatic ring, and a hopeless squad of bumbling marines.  You are about to enter THE TWILIGHT SPACE - ONE SHOT #3:  HALO: COMBAT EVOLVED    20 Sided Stories is produced by  Sage G.C. (Game Master/Narrator), Travis Reaves (Tez 'Tunam), Jessica Dahlgren (Nellie McAllister), Emily Ervolina (Natalia Korsikovski), and David Michmerhuizen (General Typhoon).    Editing and Sound Design by Sage G.C.  Music and themes from Halo composed by Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori.  Arrangements and Original Score by Sage G.C. available at sagegc.com/music. Main Theme/Warthog Run mixed by Travis Reaves, featuring guitar by Myrone, Kyle Schaefer, and Justin Tolan.    Twilight Space poster art by Chandler Candela.  Credits Voice: Kristin Couture.  Podcast Directed by Sage G.C.    Join our Discord!  https://discord.gg/fzNRCdh    Transcripts available at 20sidedstories.com/transcripts.    Download Halo: Jenkins and play it for yourself at sagegc.com/games.  Support the show at patreon.com/20SidedStories - Annual pledges save 10%! We also have merch! https://20sidedstories.com/merch.  For updates and memes you can follow us on Twitter or Instagram or visit our website at 20sidedstories.com    HALO © Microsoft Corporation. This episode of 20 Sided Stories is an improvised parody and was created under Microsoft's "Game Content Usage Rules" using assets from Halo: Combat Evolved, and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with Microsoft, Xbox, 343 Industries, or the Halo franchise.

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