A test of faith and courage. A game of chivalry and honor. A legendary race against time.  You are about to enter THE TWILIGHT SPACE - ONE SHOT #1:  THE GREEN KNIGHT.    20 Sided Stories is produced by  Sage G.C. (Game Master/Narrator), Travis Reaves (Stev), Jessica Dahlgren (Rebecca Blacksmith), Emily Ervolina (Elowyn), and David Michmerhuizen (Merlin).  Editing, Sound Design a Music by Sage G.C.  Additional Music by Travis Reaves  Twilight Space poster art by Chandler Candela  Credits Voice: Kristin Couture  Podcast Directed by Sage G.C.    Transcripts available at  Support the show at  For updates and memes you can follow us on Twitter or Instagram  or visit our website at    This episode used The Green Knight: A Fantasy Role Playing Game but has no affiliation with, and is in no part officially sponsored by, A24 or any of its associates. 

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