#27 TRAVIS SMITH AND RANCE RATHIE: The Inside Information on Fly Fishing in Patagonia - Part 1

Patagonia is a vast, remote, and largely-uninhabited region that encompasses over 300,000 square miles of pristine mountains, rivers, grasslands, and prairies. Stretching more than a thousand miles through southern Argentina and spilling across the border into Chile, Patagonia is larger than the state of Texas – an area that is isolated, unspoiled, and magnificent. Home to an amazing number of rivers, spring creeks, and lakes – and healthy populations of rainbows, browns, and brook trout – it is a destination that has for decades drawn anglers from all over the world. In this first episode of a two-part series on fishing in Patagonia, we’re sitting down with Travis Smith and Rance Rathie to talk about the amazing fishing that can be found throughout Patagonia. Rance and Travis are the founders and co-owners of Patagonia River Guides, an absolute force in the world of South American angling and arguably the most comprehensive and professional fly fishing operation found anywhere in Patagonia. The two-part series dives into the “how, when, where, and why” of fishing in Argentina, with detailed information specific to the fishing in Patagonia.

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