Reimagining Environmentalism

Leah Thomas is an intersectional environmental activist on a mission to dismantle systems of oppression in the environmental movement. Her personal platform @greengirlleah was born out of a space that lacked representation of Black people in the outdoors and spoke to her passion of getting people started on their environmental justice journey. Her quest for self-authenticity, environmental justice and sustainability created the momentum for her educational page, @intersectionalenvironmentalist, to go viral. In this episode, Leah drops gem after gem: how destigmatizing cannabis use for Black and Brown people relates to the environmental movement; how making our environmental efforts inclusive and intersectional benefits everyone; and how expanding our understanding of Indigenous land protectors makes our environmental impact more effective.  Check out the full interactive show notes on our website at Diversify Vanlife and find the episode transcript here: Episode 3 Transcript SOCIALS Featured Guest:  @greengirlleah | | | NATI Links:  Podcast @nomadsattheintersectionspodCommunity @diversify.vanlifeHost @irietoauroraCo-host @anaismoniq Enjoy this episode? Rate us on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen. It’ll help other Nomads find us. You can also share this podcast with a friend. Thank you for your support! Nomads at the Intersections is hosted by Noami Grevemberg with co-host Anaïs MoniqueA Ravel Media productionCreative Direction by Busted Slate MediaAudio assist by Dustin GrevembergMusic by Smart Monkey MusicPodcast Cover Artwork by Karen Ceballos

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