Joy Navon (@joynavon) on getting started as an influencer, representation in the industry and postponing her wedding

Joy Navon (@joynavon) a natural hair, beauty and lifestyle influencer joins us on this episode of Influencer Business to tackle some important topics. We discuss how she got her start, why representation matters, how influencers can help themselves get paid on time and what it was like to postpone her wedding due to the COVID pandemic.

Joy got her start because there were no influencers who could help her make the transition to natural hair. Despite being an introvert, she just started documenting her hair journey and created a wonderful community in the process. As she grew her platform she started to notice that she would often be the only person at conferences that looked like her, either because of the color of her hair or the color of her skin. We dive into this topic of representation, why it matters, how the landscape has changed and what she is looking to see going forward.

Joy also shares the story behind her postponed wedding, the significance of the date they chose and advice on how to handle moving the biggest day of your life.

A great conversation with a thoughtful business woman!

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