Ride Rehab Interviews Former Disney Imagineer Brian Collins

Tyler and Thomas of the Ride Rehab Podcast on WDWNT finally get their burning questions answered by former Disney Imagineer Brian Collins. As a show writer for WDI, he wrote the radio for the queue of Jungle Cruise, dialogue for The Great Movie Ride, and tons more. How did Journey Into YOUR Imagination happen? Is it easy to replace screen rides? Did he ever feel like a cog in a corporate machine? Find out in this episode! Click below to download and listen! https://youtu.be/XOFwy28b9yM Ride Rehab is the WDWNT Podcast of ridiculously re-skinning rides at Walt Disney World. Each episode, Tyler and Thomas put themselves into the shoes of Imagineers to see what they would do with infinite time and money. New episodes of the show are released the 7th of every month! For our content all the time, check out our YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Store.

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