ENP 19.5 Ranger Shelton Johnson On The Buffalo Soldiers And Diversity In The National Parks (Replay)

Description: This is a replay. Bryan speaks with Park Ranger Shelton Johnson and Sergeant Elizy Bowman, a Buffalo Soldier in the 9th Cavalry in Yosemite (portrayed by Shelton Johnson). Sergeant Bowman discusses what it was like to be a Buffalo Soldier, the name given to African-American cavalry troops of the U.S. Army who were among the first park rangers. Ranger Shelton talks about diversity in the national parks. This is episode number 19.5. This is the fifth episode in our series on Yosemite National Park. For complete show notes, visit everybodysnationalparks.com. If this is your first time tuning in, go back and listen to the other episodes in our Yosemite series including our trip report, a conversation with park naturalist Erik Westerlund, Tom Bopp sings for us while recounting the 1903 camping trip with President Theodore Roosevelt and John Muir, and a wonderful conversation about Ansel Adams’ Legacy with his son, grandson and internationally known photographer and Ansel’s last darkroom assistant, Alan Ross. Upcoming topics in our Yosemite series include Mountaineering, geology and tips for planning your own trip to Yosemite.   Actions: Subscribe to our podcast from our website https://www.everybodysnationalparks.com/ Tell your friends about Everybody’s National Parks Support us on Patreon Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook Tag us from the parks you are visiting at #everybodysnationalparks

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