Protect Indigenous Women

Since the onset of colonization Indigenous women have experienced violence with reckless abandon, today it is a public health emergency. Traditionally, many of our Native societies are matrilineal but settler colonialism has disrupted our traditional value systems. These shifts have tragically contributed to the epidemic of violence we see committed against our women and Two Spirit relations. The issue is systemic and this episode discusses how we must hold systems and people accountable.  Mary Kathryn Nagle (Cherokee) is a playwright and lawyer with Pipestem Law, a firm dedicated to legal advocacy for the safety of Native women and tribal sovereignty. She represents families of victims and has testified before Congress for the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). Her perspective on the legal issues regarding MMIW expounds how tribal sovereignty and jurisdiction is so important in combatting the crisis. She also explains how political participation and allyship is necessary to fight subversive systems which propagate violence. Abigail Echohawk (Pawnee) is Director of the Urban Indian Health Institute and a leader in the movement to bring visibility to MMIW through political advocacy work, data, and research. Her organization conducted a seminal report on the crisis to better understand the prevalence of the crisis which has harmed our relations for 500 years. This episode is raw, real, and heart wrenching. The crisis must be addressed and we need allies to join us in making it visible so we can all take action. We need to hold non-Natives upholding these systems accountable. Further, we need Natives to step into roles of political power to demand change.  Every statistic represents a Native woman. We must honor and protect our sisters. No more stolen sisters. Links and Resources Fill out our form Letter in support of VAWA Urban Indian Health Institute Pipestem Law Public Law 280 National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center Mary Kathryn Nagle New Yorker Article Montana Community Foundation Sovereign Bodies Institute All My Relations is Listener Supported Become a Patron: AMR on Instagram Matika on InstagramDesi on InstagramMusicSpecial thanks to Antone and The West Shore Canoe Family a Joanne Shannendoah  AMR Team  Creative direction, sound engineering, and editing: Teo Shantz Film Editing: Jon Ayon Sound production: Max Levin Development Manager: Will Paisley  Production Assistant: Kristin Bolan Director of Business Development: Edison Hunter Social Media Intern: Lindsey Hightower Research Intern: Keoni Rodriguez 2nd Editor: Carly Sjordal Sales and Marketing Intern: Jamie Marquez-Bratcher Support the show (

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