Indigenous Motherhood: Birth Is Ceremony

In this episode we explore our ceremonies related to birth and question what it means to rematriate through motherhood. What are our traditional birthing ceremonies? What about our coming of age ceremonies? How do we reclaim our sexualities? How has colonization disrupted our traditional birthing practices? Join us in discussion with AMR co-hosts Matika Wilbur, Dr.Dr.Desi and honored guest Temryss Lane, as we unpack some of these questions. Temryss is an Indigenous sports icon from the Lummi Nation. She played soccer at Arizona State, then professionally  in Sweden. She went on to become a model and sports broadcaster while simultaneously getting her Master's degree  in American Indian Studies from UCLA.  Temryss is a real matriarch, and she's nearly 9 months pregnant in this episode! Our Moms are everything- supremely important to our cultures, lifeways, health, wellness, and personhood. Carrying life is sacred. Motherhood is sacred. It is a ceremony.  All My Relations is Listener Supported Become a Patron: Temryss Lane on Instagram All My Relations on InstagramMatika on InstagramAMR TeamCreative direction, sound engineering, and editing by Teo Shantz Film Editing by Jon Ayon Sound production by Max Levin Development Manager: Will PaisleyProduction Assistant: Kristin Bolan Director of Business Development: Edison Hunter Social Media Intern, Lindsey Hightower Research Intern, Keoni Rodriguez 2nd Editor, Carly Sjordal Sales and Marketing Intern, Jamie Marquez-Bratcher Support the show (

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