197: Secretory IgA & Gut Health: What You May Not Know

When it comes to gut health, Secretory IgA is kind of a big deal.

Secretory IgA is the dominant antibody in our gut mucosal layer and acts as a “first line of defense” against pathogens. When Secretory IgA is low, it’s like the bouncer at the bar is GONE - which means anyone who wants to get in, can. In fact, the lower the SIgA is, the more prone you are to acquiring infections AND the less likely you are to clear up existing infections in your gut.

Inspired by recent stool test results, today Erin covers Secretory IgA and why it’s so important when it comes to overall immune and gut health. She discusses where this antibody is found (not just the gut!) and reasons why it may be low or high on a lab test.

In this episode Erin also highlights an important contributing factor that even functional medicine can miss: your mindset.

If you’re a gut geek, if you struggle with food sensitivities, if you know you have low Secretory IgA, or if you are looking for another way to improve your own immune and gut health, grab a pen because this episode is one you don’t want to miss!

In this episode:

-The noteworthy results in Erin’s latest stool test [4:30]

-The dominant antibody in our mucosal secretions [8:04]

-How Secretory IgA protects us from food sensitivities [10:18]

-What happens when Secretory IgA is low (and what it means if it’s elevated) [11:33]

-Cortisol, burnout and chronic health problems [14:11]

-The often overlooked aspect of healing [15:03]

-Clinically proven things that increase Secretory IgA [17:18]

-How our thoughts, emotions and stressors impact immunoglobulin A levels [21:21]

-The entertainment, media and news we consume [22:35]

-Stress, leaky gut, cortisol dysregulation and their connection to Secretory IgA [25:11]

-Factors that support healthy Secretory IgA levels [27:02]

-Self-compassion and releasing guilt [31:39]

-Allowing yourself to access joy and pleasure [34:08]

-What is “healing diet orthorexia”? [42:20]

-Signs you may be entering disordered eating territory [44:02]

-Why belief work is so important to health [48:16]

-What to do if you can’t access feeling good [51:11]

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