P2BP Episode 36 - It Ain't Dogma - East a West Catholicism Part 1 (free)

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 Here we touch upon the broader issues surrounding Eastern a Western Catholicism, to outline what we will be discussing in several different segments for members.  This includes: Measuring out the same standards against both, dealing with polemics that often come from the Eastern side against Rome that are problematic in light of the former, understanding that both East and West get attacked in fundamentally the same ways by the enemies of the Church (as opposed to Protestant factions a WASP powers) and having a mutual respect and charity for each other despite some fundamental disagreements.  Topics outlined are: The Two Swords model of Christendom, Popes a Emperors, Schisms a Crusades, influence of Neoplatonic texts, the Jesuits, the Vatican Councils and more. Part 2 for Members: Here we discuss the Two Swords model of Christendom, and how the structures of East and West became oddly reversed over time, despite dealing with each scenario in differing ways.  We talk about the rise of Constantinople, the Fall of Rome, and how each side dealt with Heathen a Heresy woes.  Could a more developed Papacy have actually helped the East, despite the polemics against the centralization and supremacy of Rome becoming more and more established during tumultuous times for Byzantium? Perhaps it depends on who you ask, but we try to provide some different factors to consider when making your own decisions on such issues. Part 3 for Members: We discuss the rise of the Frankish Kings with the Merovingians and then the Carolingians while comparing and contrasting with Byzantium’s Emperors and power struggles involving them.  More specifically we focus on co-regents Constantine VI and Irene of Athens, and how attempts were made to unite their family with Charlemagne’s but were all in vain in the end.  Then the all-devouring Ouroboros took over which included: copious amounts of eye-gouging and tongue cutting, conspiring for coup d’etats, adulterous marriages and many more lovely events leading up to the shift of power over to Charlemagne in 800 A.D. Part 4 for Members: We give Pope Leo III and Charlemagne’s side of the Holy Roman coin and expand upon the events leading up to Charlemagne’s crowning in 800 A.D.  which sparked the Holy Roman Empire that lasted for 1000+ years until Napoleon’s dissolution of it in 1806.  We end by talking about the ideal but also the reality of the Two Swords of the Church a State trying to act together without usurping authority and order at the expense of those in the Kingdom, and how that same struggle applies in the microcosm to our own personal lives. To make an individual purchase of part 2:
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