P2BP Episode 34 - Hizstory - Nazism a Zionism, Polarity to Unity Part 1 (free)

Website:  https://www.rockstaresoterica.com/p2bp-podcast In this episode we go into the strange contradiction of the Nazi’s official “solution” to the “Jewish Question” from 1933 up to the breakout of WWII.  What is rather peculiar, is that you will find a collaboration between the two most extreme oppositional forces one could think of in Anglo-American modern history: Nazis and Jews.  This collaborating “synthesis” was “Palestine-ho!” (i.e. Zionism) for the Jews in Germany and the surrounding areas––albeit for entirely different reasons.  To add further to this dialectical conundrum, you had the warring powers of Britain and Germany that magically synthesized on the same issue: the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine.  Thus the issue of Zionism transcended all polarities, though it differed in policy for the Protestant vs. Catholic powers: which is to say, the Popes, Cardinals and Catholics were against it; while the Protestant nations were for it, despite their vastly different reasons as to why.  But, even amongst the Jews themselves, this vision of a Jewish utopia for safety and security was far from a magical kumbaya of holding hands and marching to Zion in unity; ranging from propaganda and “fake news” used against each other, to boycotts, to transfer agreements, and even primitive Mossad agents working with Nazis to illegally smuggle Jews past British authorities in Palestine… but it matters not! For Zionism, the ends justify the means…so they say. 
Part 2 for Members: We discuss the background in more “esoteric” detail, along with Papal views and policies regarding the notion of a Jewish state.  We further contrast this with Protestant viewpoints of Zionism, particularly from “British-Israel” against the profane “idolatry” of Roman Catholicism and its sanguine history of hate and massacre of European Jews (so the story goes).  We also get much more in depth to a strange alliance of German Zionists with the Pasha leader of the Young Turks who led a “Holocaust” of Armenian Christians; but that, of course, mattered not to his supporters in Germany, and allow him safe refuge to escape a trial for war-crimes; it took a victim of the Armenian Genocide to come to Germany and assassinate him for any justice to be had.  For some odd reason, this Armenian “Holocaust,” long predating the Jewish one, and millions in number, is hardly – if ever – focused on in the history books, and even denied by many in connection with Israeli relations. Perhaps there’s a reason why? Maybe because it was led by Freemasonic crypto-Jewish revolutionaries, the two main forces that hate Catholic Christendom, be it East or West.  There will be a Part 3 for members/subscribers soon, since this episode didn’t get to everything we had intended. 
To make an individual purchase of part 2: https://tinyurl.com/y52vmzp9 To gain yearly access to all podcast content: https://www.rockstaresoterica.com/plans-pricing-1 Resources a Books Discussed: Nicosia - Zionism and Anti-Semitism in Nazi Germany - https://tinyurl.com/y2e22w4o Brenner - 51 Documents: Zionist Collaboration With the Nazis - https://tinyurl.com/y23l2ouu

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