Parlour Stories: Haunted Headaches Edition

What better way to celebrate Odd Tonic's 1st anniversary than by checking back in with 3 people who submitted their stories last year... for uncanny updates and chilling new tales? Plus, just *how* creepy does Grandma's house need to be to make a grandkid wish summer break was over? Very! Have a listen... Parlour Stories: Haunted Headaches Edition Miscellaneous Magick: Salish Sea Sirens: Ghostly Activities:   Sources: Thanks to all who submitted stories for this episode!    Additional Links: Support the podcast you love at Join our Facebook group:   Leave us a review on Apple Podcasts:    Find us on YouTube and subscribe:   Check out our website, now with merch!   Credits: Theme Music: Makenna Carrico -   Additional Music: Haunted Filing Cabinet Sneaky Detective Sneaky Birdie Sneaky Plucked Strings 1 I'm Not Crazy Composer: Thomas VanOosting    Tense Hands Stinger Shadows Hang Stinger They're Coming This Way (Stinger) Uneasy Dusk (Stinger 1) Composer: Numsi    Dark Ambient Drone Seamless Loop 11 Composer: MundoSound   Eerie Atmospheric Wine Glasses Dark Ambient Low Atmosphere Composer: Matt Gerry   Dreamstate Drone - Calm, Chilled Composer: Ian Hubball   Dark Wave (Cinematic Ambient Drone) Composer: Melodies In Motion   Dark Tension Drone Composer: Jonathan Wright   Violin Plucks Clarinet Composer: Lauri Koivisto    Odd Tonic Logo  Jennifer Page a Maxwell Holechek   Warm a Special Thanks: All of Odd Tonic's friends, new and old. Thanks for your support! Please subscribe and leave us a review!

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