The Secret Life of Plants

Are the five senses the only way to interpret reality? Leading polygraph expert Cleve Backster made an accidental discovery in 1966 that turned the world upside-down. Plants may not share our human senses, but they possess an perception that will change the way you view them forever. The Secret Life of Plants Sources: The Secret Life of Plants, by Peter Tompkins a Christopher Bird (Affiliate Link): Web Articles:   Additional Links: Support the podcast you love at Join our Facebook group:   Leave us a review on iTunes:    Find us on YouTube and subscribe:   Check out our merch and wear your weird!   Credits: Theme Music: Makenna Carrico -   Additional Music: Haunted Filing Cabinet Sneaky Detective Sneaky Birdie Sneaky Plucked Strings 1 I'm Not Crazy Composer: Thomas VanOosting    Tense Hands Stinger Shadows Hang Stinger They're Coming This Way (Stinger) Uneasy Dusk (Stinger 1) Composer: Numsi    Dark Ambient Drone Seamless Loop 11 Composer: MundoSound   Eerie Atmospheric Wine Glasses Dark Ambient Low Atmosphere Composer: Matt Gerry   Dreamstate Drone - Calm, Chilled Composer: Ian Hubball   Dark Wave (Cinematic Ambient Drone) Composer: Melodies In Motion   Dark Tension Drone Composer: Jonathan Wright     Odd Tonic Logo  Jennifer Page a Maxwell Holechek   Warm a Special Thanks: All of Odd Tonic's friends, new and old. Thanks for your support! Please subscribe and leave us a review!

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