INSIDE THOUGHTS OUT LOUD: Alone But Not Lonely with Rita Bautista

Rita is the Founder of the Latina Podcasters Network and also hosts her own women’s empowerment podcast called, “Empowerment and All That.” This episode is inspired by a message she left us that made us all think about what we’ve learned throughout this quarantine experience.  She said, “I’m alone, but I’m not lonely.”  Through our conversation with Rita, we discuss how her quarantine journey has led her to feel more comfortable in her own skin and what steps she took to get there. As social beings, this experience has forced us to redefine our relationships with others. We have had to find ways to feel connected while also creating and contributing to a new future. It’s hard to believe that there is something positive ahead. It’s easy to get caught up in the turmoil of the moment.  However, as Rita says, “You can’t live in that space forever. As a community, we can come out of these times more united than ever!” Her words ring even more true now as the country has come face to face with the aftermath of the murders of George Floyd, Brionna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and countless others to White Supremacy. “We are all running our own race. Sometimes we think we are prepared, but there’s someone out there who will run it with you.” This statement from Rita encourages us to remember that we are not alone! Although sometimes we may feel as though we are living in a “survival-mode,” we can make a conscious decision to thrive instead! 

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