Max Lugavere: Can Food Turn Us Into Geniuses?

Max Lugavere is a health and science journalist focused on nutrition, fitness, and wellness.

Max’s journey to understanding the power food has on brain function began when was helping his mother, who developed Lewy body dementia. He noticed the doctors doing nothing except trying to manage the symptoms- rather than actually curing the disease. He started learning and applying what we are now learning about the science of food and cooking and kicked off a decade-long journey to understand how to prevent cognitive decline.

What he found out was that, “The same steps that we can take that are going to buy us extra years if not possibly decades of cognitive health also improve the way our brains work here and now.”

In this episode we dig into:

  • The why behind a Genius Life came from Max’s mom, who developed a rare form of dementia. When the doctors didn’t help, he took it upon himself to research everything he could to help his mom battle her early onset dementia to try to help her live the best life she could.

  • We can use a modified Mediterranean diet and a DASH diet to help our brains through healthy proteins, fruits, and vegetables without a lot of grains to improve our brain health now and to help us lead better lives as we age.

  • How to use Genius Kitchen to your advantage with shopping tips, cooking tips, and why cooking food at home is so important versus eating out or buying overly processed convenience foods. Cooking is an art, but it’s also a social aspect of our lives that brings family and loved ones together.


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