0104 Nik Sharma - How To Build and Invest in Great DTC Brands

Today's topics: (12:24) Nik gives his background, hes an investor in a handful of DTC startups. He’s hands on, does something for each brand every week  (14:20) Getting domain names and handles for a startup. Nik just paid low 5-figures for judy.co (16:00) Moiz talks about how he came up with the Native name and dealing with trademark issues. Had to pay high 6-figure to get native trademark. (19:10) Talks about Nik’s brand Judy. Disaster kit - launched recently. Talk about founders and their backgrounds. (22:40) General talk about state of DTC today. Brandless shut down, Outdoor voices issues. And how will economic down-turn affect this? (31:15) Blowback around Outdoor Voices and Away. Moiz says he was Joe Exotic when running Native (37:00) Native got huge publicity once, but only drove an extra $25k in sales. Why court press then? (40:00) Talks about how to get press coverage (44:00) How to find good agencies (marketing, pr, etc)? (49:34) What agencies do you (Nik) recommend? (54:40) What are other industries that need to be disrupted? (55:50) What DTC brands do you (Nik) admire right now? (1:00:00) Discuss how much of your budget should be allocated to brand versus performance. (1:08:00) Moiz discusses subway ads Native was supposed to run on NY subways this summer. Bc of covid, ridership down 90% (1:12:20) How can someone starting out today learn about DTC advertising? Nik says he just talks to a lot of people. Looks at what other brands are doing. (1:20:04) They discuss the possibility of brands cutting acquisition costs by sharing audience See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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