0103 Kara Goldin - Hint Water’s Alternative Fundraising Strategies, Superbowl Ads, & Most Effective Marketing Channels

 (01:15) Kara’s story to how quitting diet soda inspired her to start Hint (7:20) How did Kara figure out the right formula? (11:52) Hint’s process & formula to make the create the end product (15:15) Hint’s bold move to not add preservatives (20:25) Hint’s first big break: Google (25:15) How Hint is servicing companies during COVID-19 (27:05) At what point did Hint raise money? (28:45) Why Hint raised from a family office, opposed to a VC (33:18) Discussing Hint’s brick & mortar storefront presence vs online (43:51) Pricing between different retailers, and how to navigate that challenge (47:35) Were expos effective for growing Hint? (50:00) Hint’s crazy Superbowl Ad story (59:00) Biggest marketing failures and how it has shaped Hint’s strategy today (1:04:50) How does Kara allocate marketing budgets? (1:12:30) Hint launching into new categories and the thought process behind it  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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