0102 Andrew Dudum - Bold Strategies That Propelled Hims & Hers Into Unicorn Status

Moiz (@moizali) is joined today by Andrew Dudum (@andrewdudum), founder of hims (@wearehims), hers (@wearehers), and Atomic (@joinatomic). Today’s topics: (1:20) Andrew breaks down Atomic (2:25) How does Atomic spin up companies? (5:13) Atomic’s portfolio of innovative companies (8:16) Atomic’s founder resident program (11:50) Him’s road to unicorn status (16:00) How did hims make $1M in their first week? (18:30) Branding agencies that helped hims achieve their signature aesthetic (21:00) Him’s incredibly unique branding strategies & how they execute on the ideas (25:21) The importance of building a brand for the long term success of a startup (28:21) Managing attribution for him’s advertising (31:45) Is him profitable in 2020? (35:19) Regulatory hurdles that challenged him’s initial start (37:25) How is him’s building a moat against competitors? (41:00) Diving into him’s provider network and prescription process (42:22) How is COVID-19 affecting hims? (45:00) Where is the DTC industry heading in the next 5 years? See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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