0101 Nick Green - Thrive Market’s Unconventional Rise to Success

Moiz (@moizali) is joined today by Nick Green, founder of Thrive Market (@thrivemarket) - a membership-based retailer offering natural and organic food products at reduced costs. Today’s topics: (0:47) - Moiz introduces Nick Green, and they discuss the history of Thrive Market (3:48) - How Nick and the founding team bootstrapped the business (5:09) - Groupon for x, and other fashionable business models (6:34) - Discussing Costco’s scale and negotiating position (8:08) - How much did Nick put down to start the business? (11:11) - Why Magento (12:27) - Shop Tribe, Thrive Market’s former alias (13:30) - Native’s trademark issues pre-M&A (15:30) - How did Thrive Market get their first $100,000 in sales? (19:49) - How much did Thrive Market raise from influencers? (21:28) - Are there any investors who originally didn’t want to invest, but came back at Series A? (23:46) - How big is your catalog at Year 1? (25:49) - Is there a North Star metric for understanding customer retention? (29:33) - What are some of the fastest-growing categories at Thrive Market? (32:46) - Where are you spending your money on paid acquisition channels? (35:18) - What are your top 3 performing channels? (38:03) - What is Nick’s favorite product on Thrive Market? (38:29) - What’s the most popular product on Thrive? (38:55) - Nick’s favorite indulgence product (39:55) - Will Thrive Market ever sell their products in brick and mortar stores? (40:05) - COVID-19’s impact on Thrive Market (40:59) - What is the exit strategy for Thrive? See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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