Ep. 112 - Jack Murphy - Army Ranger, Green Beret, Investigative Journalist, Podcast Host

This episode of the Former Action Guys Podcast features former Army Ranger and Special Forces soldier, Jack Murphy. After leaving the military, Murphy attended Columbia University and made a name for himself as an investigative journalist who has reported from Iraq, Syria, and other countries. In addition, Jack has authored his memoir, Murphy’s Law, and multiple fiction books like Reflexive Fire, Gray Matter Splatter, and others. Jack also co-hosts the Team House podcast with fellow Army Ranger Dave Parke.I really enjoyed having Jack on the show and look forward to talking in the future. Want to be on the Former Action Guys Podcast?https://forms.gle/9MuoSkzBUgNiVgPu5 Support the podcast and website: www.jcramergraphics.com Podcast Links:YouTube: http://bit.ly/formeractionguysYouTubeSpotify: http://bit.ly/formeractionguysApplePodcast: http://bit.ly/formeractionguysAppleSocial Media:Instagram: www.instagram.com/formeractionguys Instagram: www.instagram.com/jcramergraphics Twitter: https://twitter.com/4meractionguys Reference:117 - Backpackable radio for tactical use148 - Walkie-talkie style tactical radio152 - Walkie-talkie style tactical radio7-Ton - Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement (Dump truck-sized military vehicle for hauling troops, supplies, etc.)9-Line - CAS mission brief formatAAV - Amphibious Assault Vehicle (Also called Tracks)ABC - ANGLICO Basic CourseANG - Air National GuardANGLICO - Air Naval Gunfire Liaison CompanyBLT - Battalion Landing TeamBRC - Basic Reconnaissance CourseCAR - Combat Action RibbonCAS - Close Air SupportCCT - Combat Control TeamCLB - Combat Logistics BattalionCO - Commanding OfficerCOC - Command Operations CenterCOP - Combat OutpostCorpsman - Navy medic attached to MarinesEOD - Explosive Ordnance DisposalFAC - Forward Air ControllerFCT - Firepower Control TeamFDC - Fire Direction ControlFET - Female Engagement Team.FSCC - Fire Support Coordination Center. Where fire missions are deconflicted and approved prior to shooting.GBU - Guided Bomb Unit GLT - Georgian Liaison Team. Georgian military advisors in Afghanistan.Hesco Barrier - Earthen filled barriers used to make or reinforce outpostsHMMWV - High mobility multi-wheeled vehicleIED - Improvised Explosive DeviceIOC - Infantry Officer's CourseJDAM - Joint Direct Attack Munition (GPS guided bomb)JTAC - Joint Terminal Attack ControllerLGTR - LASER Guided Training RoundM-ATV - MRAP All-terrain vehicleMARSOC - Marine Corps Special Operations CommandMART - Marines Awaiting Recon TrainingMCAS - Marine Corps Air StationMCMAP - Marine Corps Martial Arts ProgramMCRD - Marine Corps Recruit DepotMCIWS - Marine Corps Instructor of Water SurvivalMCT - Marine Combat TrainingMEU - Marine Expeditionary Unit (Unit attached to ships for deployment)MRAP - Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (armored vehicle)MSOT - Marine Special Operations TeamMTU - Marksmanship Training UnitOCS - Officer Candidate SchoolOP - Observation Post. An area where forward observers spot enemy positions and conduct fire missions on targetsPB - Patrol BasePGM - Precision Guided MunitionsPID - Positive identificationPLDR - Portable Lightweight Designator Rangefinder PosRep - Position ReportPSS-SOF - Precision Strike Suite Special Operations Forces. Targeting program.RO - Radio Operator (Sometimes called an RTO)ROMAD - Radio Operator, Mechanic, and DriverRaS - Reconnaissance and SurveillanceSACC - Supporting Arms Coordination Center (FSCC on a ship)SALT - Supporting Arms Liaison TeamSERE - Survive, Evade, Resist, EscapeSOCS - Special Operations Capabilities SpecialistSOI - School of InfantrySOTG - Special Operations Training GroupS Shops - S-1 (Administration), S-2 (Intelligence), S-3 (Operations), S-4 (Logistics), S-6 (Communication)SVBIED - Suicide vehicle-borne improvised explosive deviceTACP - Tactical Air Control PartyTaco Rice - Greasy food for drunk Marines stationed in OkinawaWater Dogs - Logistics Marines in charge of purifying water and running sanitation facilitiesVBIED - Vehicle-borne improvised explosive device

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