333 | Movement

The Minimalists talk about functional movement with Aaron Alexander, author of The Align Method, and they answer the following questions:

What daily exercises will help us move with the most freedom and the least pain? (02:18)

How do our postural patterns affect our overall health? (06:33)

What is the “55-38-7 Principle”? (07:47)

Is sitting for long periods unhealthy? (09:52) 

What movements during daily office work are beneficial? (17:03)

What is the most ideal sitting position? (20:13)

What is the value of stillness? (26:22)

What are the most appropriate workspace ergonomics for those that spend long hours at desks? (31:15)

How do we best relax? (33:17)

How important is appropriate breathing? (37:25)

What is “learned helplessness”? (45:07)

How do we reevaluate our movements? (46:45)

What is “piezoelectricity”? (48:26)

What is “parasitic tension”? (51:07)

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