332 | Clutter Coffins

The Minimalists discuss why far too many of us spend far too much on storage containers, “clutter coffins,” of all sizes, yet the best way to organize our stuff isn’t to store it in a basement mausoleum—the best way to organize is to get rid of the excess stuff—and they answer the following questions:

What has contributed to the rise of the storage business? (01:40)

What do you consider “clutter coffins”? (05:19)

When are storage units useful? (07:22)

What is the average profit margin of the storage industry? (14:26)

What does the phrase “Be present” mean to you? (16:27)

How do I reconcile my love of scrapbooking and its requisite accoutrements with my striving to live a minimalist lifestyle? (17:35)

What is “legalism”? (20:03)

What is your perspective regarding the zero-waste movement? (22:20)

What are the origins of spring cleaning? (26:26)

How do my partner and I determine how much stuff we should actually save for our future child? (26:56)

How do you determine what is worth storing? (32:03)

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