Solar Orbiter About To Make Its Closest Approach To The Sun

SpaceTime Series 25 Episode 36
*Solar Orbiter about to make its closest approach to the Sun
The joint ESA/NASA Solar Orbiter spacecraft has now passed the orbit of Mercury – the nearest planet to the Sun and will shortly make its closest approach to our stellar host. Solar Orbiter’s close encounter with the Sun will be on March 26.
*NASA’s Planetary Defence system detects an asteroid before impact
For only the fifth time ever astronomers were able to predict an asteroid impact on Earth before it happened. The asteroid catalogued as 2022 EB5 hit the Earth’s atmosphere over the Norwegian Sea before disintegrating on March 11th.
*Cosmic particle accelerator at its limit
With the help of special telescopes, researchers have observed a cosmic particle accelerator as never before.
*The Science Report
People with Autism and ADHD at higher risk of early death.
Older people who have low levels of folate may be at higher risk of dementia and death.
Warnings that meat from endangered shark species could be hiding in poorly labelled pet food.
Skeptic's guide to demonic dolls
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