My mum Poly Styrene, a punk icon

Celeste Bell's mother Poly Styrene was a punk icon who'd made her mark on music history before Celeste was even born. Her distinctive voice, neon outfits and mixed race heritage made her stand out in a punk scene that was dominated by white men, clad in dark colours and studs. Celeste tells Anu Anand about Poly Styrene's rise to fame with her band X-Ray Spex, why it all fell apart and what it was like to sing with her onstage before she died in 2011. Celeste has made a film about her mum called I am a Cliche. Get in touch: Presenter: Anu Anand Producer: Deiniol Buxton (Photo: Poly Styrene of punk band X-Ray Spex performs on stage at the Roundhouse, London, England, on January 15th, 1978. Credit: Gus Stewart/ Redferns/ Getty Images)

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