Jacqueline Wilson

One of Britain’s most popular authors, Dame Jacqueline Wilson is famous for stories of sassy children, troubled teens and struggling parents. Her books explore themes including death, divorce and depression. Now, the award-winning writer, who created characters like Tracy Beaker, Hetty Feather and Vicky Angel, has just released a new story - her 114th novel to date, about teenage pregnancy. The novelist lived through a difficult childhood and her own marriage ended in divorce. But, after decades as a writer, she finally hit the big time in her middle age. Now 76, she has a wife, a fandom and a string of TV and stage adaptations under her belt. Mark Coles profiles the former Children's Laureate, who's sold over 40 million books worldwide. Produced by: Sally Abrahams and Ellie House Editor: Damon Rose Sound Engineer: Rod Farquhar

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