Deep Natter 17: Starting at Zero

In this episode, Sean and I are talking about output, not in terms of what we produce, but how the work we make is presented to an audience. For example, are you only sharing your work online, or do you also make prints. Maybe you make photobooks or show your work in galleries. How our work appears out in the world can have a dramatic effect on how compelling it is to a viewer. We also talk about the new Bond film, No Time To Die — specifically the score and how brilliantly Hans Zimmer took one of the most recognizable pieces of music in cinema and made it his own.


Genesis Imaging
Hans Zimmer recording No Time to Die
Hanz Zimmer on Interstellar
Mad Max: Black and Chrome


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High Line by Duffmusiq

Music featured in this episode is licensed from Artlist, which is a terrific music licensing platform for YouTubers and filmmakers. Use the following link to get two additional months of Artlist free when you sign up:


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