Setting the Intention for 2021

Like many of you, I could not be happier to finally be rid of the raging dumpster fire that was 2020. I know the next year will be anything but easy, but I am cautiously optimistic that 2021 will be filled with new possibilities and chances to do things a little differently than last year.

I started doing yoga about a month ago and Adrianne reminded me that there’s a concept in yoga about setting an intention at the beginning of a practice and while I’m not a fan of resolutions per se, I wanted to share a few things today that I’ve been thinking about for a while as a way of setting my intentions for the year ahead.

To that end, I want to let you know about some of the changes that I’m making both personally and professionally moving forward.

Let’s start with my shows. Early in 2020 I created a new feed called “Jeffery Saddoris: Everything” as a way for you to get everything I release, including Process Driven, In Between, Iterations, and any sort of one-off conversation, like the recent chat with Bill Wadman, all in one place. The response to that feed has been terrific – in fact subscriptions to the individual feeds have dropped off considerably as subscriptions to Everything have increased. It’s not one to one, but it’s enough that I’m going to deprecate the individual show feeds so that moving forward, I will only be publishing new episodes to Jeffery Saddoris: Everything. If you’re already subscribed to Everything, great. You will continue to get all of the episodes that I release, which should be not only easier to manage under just one feed but also more frequent since I don’t have to try to figure out where a particular conversation fits. If you are subscribed to one or more of the individual show feeds, please subscribe to Everything so you don’t miss anything moving forward.

And I want you to know that I’ve thought about this quite a bit. I know there are some of you who might only want to listen to Process Driven and this move might initially feel like kind of a bummer. But, I think the way we listen to podcasts has changed, partially because there are so many. I know it’s definitely changed for me over the last few years. I subscribe to dozens of shows and only a very few do I listen to every episode. Instead, I simply create playlists of the episodes that look interesting to me, and the trends show that I’m not in the minority here.

One of the things I’ve struggled with for quite a while is monetizing the work I do – and that goes for all of the work I do, from design work for clients to selling my paintings to whether or not to run ads on my podcasts. And without getting too deep into it here, it all revolves around self-worth and how I assign or ascribe value to the work I do. But I think I’ve come up with a solution that Adrianne and I have been talking about for a while now. A few days ago I tweeted a Venn Diagram with creativity on one side and philanthropy on the other and that place in the middle of those two things is where I want to be. So the solution we’ve come up with is that we’re going to donate the majority of any revenue that my creative endeavors generate into arts education and related non-profits. We’ll have details on the actual organizations soon, but the big picture is that this allows me to value the work I do in a way other than what it can do for me. It actually becomes more valuable in that the worth of it directly helps more than just me. I’m incredibly excited about it and again more details are forthcoming but that’s the big picture.

I think that’s enough for the moment. As I said, I’ll have more details around all of this in the coming weeks. If you have questions or comments, you can find me on Twitter or Instagram @jefferysaddoris or you can email me at As always, thank you for your time and your attention and for coming along with me on this ride.

Happy New Year.


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