Iteration 47: Which One Do You Want To Be?

A number of you have asked why I am selling what review after review calls the best APS-C camera on the market today to buy a two-year old Micro 4/3 camera that I’ve already bought and returned once before? Well, it’s complicated, but if you’ll give me a little bit of rope, I’ll promise to try and wrap it up without hanging myself.

What camera should I buy? It’s a question I get asked a lot. And I try to stay pretty consistent with my advice. If you were an On Taking Pictures listener, you know that I could answer the question for everyone but my myself. My search for a new camera became an epic saga and the butt of jokes for years on the show.

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Here & Now recently posted an interview with climber Alex Honnold and adventure photographer Jimmy Chin and his wife Elizabeth on their Oscar nominated documentary Free Solo, which follows Honnold as he climbs the 3,000 plus foot sheer granite face of El Capitan without any safety ropes to catch him.

Also, if you dig seeing how the special effects in your favorite movies are done, follow movies.effects on Instagram. The feed features side by side photos and before and after clips so you can get a sense of what it takes to bring these big budget fantasies to life.

And this is either really cool or really creepy, depending on your perspective, but Ukranian artist Olga Kamenetskya transforms overly made up toy dolls into hyper realistic looking figurines. According to the article on My Modern Met “Kamenetskaya strips the dolls’ makeup and opts for bushy facial hair, freckles, and even wrinkles in their skin. The results are so lifelike that you’d expect to see these people walking down the street.”

Em1 Mkii vs. PhaseOne IQ3
Josef Müller Brockmann
My paintings

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