Iteration 43: Leaning Heavy on the Making

Last week, we were in New Hampshire celebrating Christmas with family. Now, I’ve got to tell you that I love handmade gifts and this year my eleven-year-old niece Anya made me a gift that I absolutely love. It’s a canvas board which, for those of you who may bot know is basically a piece of mat board wrapped in canvas. This particular piece measures 3×9 inches and on it she painted the phrase “My Instrument” with a little camera in between the two words. What I found so amazing about it—besides than the fact that it was completely unexpected—was how much I love the typography, partially because it’s just so different from the way I see. I’m typically more Helvetica or Futura and this is reaching into David Carson territory.

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The MY INStrUment painting that my niece Anya made for me.

Lewis Rossignol is a terrific illustrator from Portland, Maine whose mixed media portraiture is fantastic. In addition to prints, he’s got two books available which I just ordered today and will hopefully be sitting down with him on an upcoming Process Driven to unpack some of his work.

The Art of the Title just posted their picks for their top 10 title sequences for 2018 and there is some really great work in there, particularly the titles for Counterpart and for the new season of Mozart in the Jungle.

And if you’re a fan of minimalistic graphic design—like me—you’ll love some of the prints available at 2046 Print Shop. I’ve got my eye on the General and Special Relativity prints for my new podcast studio.

Music in this episode: The Wrong Way (Jahzzar) / CC BY-SA 4.0

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