Process Driven 07: Dan Winters

A few months ago, I attended a talk that Dan Winters gave at the Smithsonian and one of the things that struck me straight away was the language he used to describe his relationship to his work. I’ve been a fan for years and own a few of his books, but I never had the opportunity to hear him speak before. There’s such emotion and romance in how he relates to his work, especially in the making or the doing as he calls it. Words like “reverence” and “gratitude” are used often and as you’ll hear in this conversation, these aren’t simply buzzwords. They apply equally whether he’s shooting a campaign for a client or walking by himself through the streets of New York with a 50mm lens and a few rolls of Tri-X. There’s an incredible authenticity to Dan that seems to pervade his entire life, from the work that he does to the people and things he surrounds himself with. I began by asking Dan where his love of making began and how he stays connected to it 30 years in.


Kazimer Malevich
Chris Callis
Harry Callahan
W. Eugene Smith
Alfred Steiglitz
Paul Strand
Robert Frank
Mark Kelley
Al Reinert
The Grey Ghost
Portrait of an American Hero… (Smithsonian)


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Please Listen Carefully (Jahzzar) / CC BY-SA 4.0

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