Still trying to grow on Instagram? But not able to... | Ep. #560

In episode 560, of your favorite a the best personal branding a digital marketing podcast, called Digital Pratik Show, I would be sharing my #JorrVichar on: People who are trying to grow on Instagram a are still not able to grow.Take a screenshot of this episode while you are listening a share this on your Instagram story a tag me @digitalpratik for a free shoutout !!!Subscribe to my Premium Weekly Newsletter: Digital Pratik------------------------Who am I?My name is Digital Pratik a I help Indian brands stand out a connect with audience via emotions using Contextual Content Marketing a Paid Ads.Apart from being the best employee (hard working CEO) of Digital Pratik Consulting and JorrVichar, I am a 32-year-old, smiling dude, 3 times college dropout forever turned into a practical practitioner of life a the Indian Romeo of building a successful a powerful personal brand by applying digital branding strategies which work in the now.In simple terms, I am a story teller, growth hacker, digital branding strategist, personal branding practitioner, consultant, speaker, podcaster etc. ------------------------Hope you like this episode a always remember this ????Whenever you are in doubt, don't worry because there is a smiling practical dude called Digital Pratik who has faith in you.So: Chinta Mat karna bhaai tumhara, branding, marketing aur practicality ka shield hai tumhara ????‍♂️My Real Story Video:​​​​​​​​​​​Instagram:​​​Podcast:​​​​​Facebook:​​​​Linkedin:​Twitter:​​​​​Giphy:​​​​​​​Website:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Marketing automation tool:​​Website hosting:​​​​​​​Website domain name:​​Course creation tool:​Sales funnel builder:​Landing page creator:​Podcast hosting platforms:​See you on other digital platforms soon!Until next time, stay awesome a keep smiling :)Cheers,Digital Pratik

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