AN 4.71 - 4.80 Guaranteed

4.71 Unfailing practices: morality, learning, energy, and wisdom.
4.72 Unfailing practices: thoughts of renunciation, good will, and kindness; and right view.
4.73 Speaking well and ill of others.
4.74 The best morality, convergence, wisdom, and freedom.
4.75 The best form, feeling, perception, and state of existence.
4.76 As he lay dying, the Buddha encouraged his disciples to ask any last questions.
4.77 If you try to think about these things you will go mad or get frustrated.
4.78 Four ways of purifying an offering to a teacher.
4.79 Why for different people the same kind of business undertaking might fail or succeed.
4.80 Ānanda asks the Buddha why females don’t attend council meetings, undertake business, or travel to Persia.

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