Supply chain dumpster fire rages on

On today’s episode Dooner and The Dude are talking about the raging inferno at a Walmart DC; a trucker who killed his co-driver; and another Evergreen vessel runs aground. 

Latham Woodward, founder and CEO of Sense Distribution and Shoogies, talks about the logistics of lighting up the cannabis retail market.

Marcus Cooksey, CEO at, is partnering with educational institutions to recruit underrepresented women and minorities and then place them through its software development apprenticeship program.

Dan Johnston, co-founder and CEO of WorkStep, shares the latest trends on hiring, retention and recruiting in supply chain. 

Daniel Powell, CEO of Optimal Dynamics, talks about scaling a FreightTech startup. 

Plus, a girl is kidnapped by a trucker using Oculus Rift. why your Doritos are experiencing shrinkflation and more.

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