Francisco Aragon on the Importance of a Good Work Ethic

Francisco Aragon is an independent claims adjuster in the Phoenix, Arizona region. He has been in the insurance adjusting industry for almost eight years but has previous experience with insurance claims since his former role as a sales representative. Francisco is experienced in multi-state licensed daily and catastrophe claims, handling different claims due to water, wind, hail, fire, and even hurricanes. He boasts of being able to write accurate estimates onsite.


Francisco joins me today to share what it’s like to be an adjuster in the Phoenix area. He describes his experience with being his own boss and the skills he honed to get to where he is today. He explains the importance of a good work ethic and why being lax won’t get you anywhere in this industry. Francisco also offers advice to those who are thinking about becoming an insurance adjuster.




“If you're complacent or lazy, you probably won't last very long in this job.” - Francisco Aragon




This week on Adjuster Talk:


  • What Francisco is doing right now to train for his hobbies.
  • What the market is like in Arizona.
  • The typical claim he works on within the Arizona area.
  • His life before being an adjuster and how he became part of this industry.
  • His best and favorite claim story.
  • The work routine he has and his work ethic.
  • The importance of being fast and in proximity to this type of business.



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