Staying Committed to Learning the Adjusting Industry with Paul Wilcox

Paul Wilcox graduated high school in 2015. In 2016, Hurricane Matthew devastated the southeast region of the United States, affecting millions of homeowners in its wake. Shortly after, Paul began researching and educating himself on becoming an insurance adjuster through various trainings, resources, and participating in dozens of ride-alongs with experienced insurance adjusters. Since then, he has obtained his adjusting license and has helped countless homeowners rebuild their lives following the Hurricane Harvey catastrophe.

Today, Paul shares what inspired him to become an independent insurance adjuster and the impact that being dedicated to learning the industry has had on his career. He explains the similarities between being an adjuster and being an entrepreneur the importance of gaining industry experience before handling your first claim, and the challenges he faced as a new adjuster. He also shares how adjusting claims through Hurricane Harvey opened new doors of opportunity for his career, what the Texas Prep Program is, and the similarities and differences between being an adjuster and working with the program.


“If you can get really good at one thing, then you can get really good at everything else.” - Paul Wilcox


In This Episode of Adjuster Talk:

  • How participating in ride-alongs helped him learnt the necessary skills to become a successful adjuster.
  • The personal handbook he created to help him effectively work through his first claim.
  • What it was like working through Hurricane Harvey.
  • The importance of staying dedicated and committed to learning the industry.
  • How the experience of the help room’s work environment shaped his personal work environment.
  • Using healthy competition to increase motivation and impact your success.
  • Staying fit and healthy while adjusting claims.
  • The amount of time he committed to working claims during Hurricane Harvey.
  • The importance of getting enough sleep and how it impacts your performance.
  • How adjusting claims during Hurricane Harvey opened the door to new opportunities.
  • What it was like to work with the Texas Prep Program.
  • Similarities and differences between adjusting claims and working with the Texas Prep Program


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