How to Become an Independent Insurance Adjuster with Chris Howell

Chris Howell is an independent insurance adjuster with over a decade of experience. His career initially began in 2004 during the destruction that followed Hurricanes Charlie and Frances that impacted most of southwest Florida. Prior to becoming an insurance adjuster, he was the co-owner of a real estate company as well as a contractor working on home remodeling projects and building custom homes.

Chris joins me today to share how he started his career as an independent insurance adjuster. He shares what motivates him to continue his career as an adjuster, what it was like to work during Hurricanes Charlie and Frances, and tips on how to become a successful insurance adjuster.


“Treat this as a business from day one.” - Chris Howell


In This Episode of Adjuster Talks:

  • How his career as an independent insurance adjuster started.
  • How treating your insurance adjusting career as a business can lead to success.
  • Lessons he has learned throughout his experience in the field.
  • The importance of closely monitoring your numbers.
  • The importance of asking tough questions while working insurance claims.


Chris Howell’s Words of Wisdom for New Insurance Adjusters:

  1. Take the job - your career - seriously.
  2. Have a plan in place to achieve success.



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