Harvey and the Millenials

AT027 Starting Your Adjusting Career During Hurricane Harvey


If you’ve been thinking about starting your career as an independent insurance adjuster - now is the time to get off the fence, start building your network, and learning what it takes to become successful. As Hurricane Harvey quickly approaches, more and more adjusting firms and insurance companies are scrambling to train new people and get them on the road ahead of the incoming storm.


On today’s episode, I’m sharing the steps you need to take to get off the fence and start your career as an independent insurance adjuster in preparation of Hurricane Harvey making landfall. I’ll explain the importance of updating your resume, the skills you need to highlight on your resume, and the various types of career paths you could follow in your adjusting career. I’ll also explain the importance of being prepared and thinking ahead regarding your career path.


“Now is the time, if you’re going to make the change, to do it.” - Jason Heenan


In This Episode of Adjuster Talk:


  • The importance of updating your resume.
  • Skills to highlight.
  • Building your network.
  • Supportive roles and jobs within the adjusting industry.
  • Entrepreneurial jobs within the adjusting industry.
  • Questions to ask when starting out as an adjuster during Hurricane Harvey.
  • What to expect during major saturation weather events.
  • The importance of being prepared for the worst-case scenario when handling claims during the hurricane season.
  • Getting emergency licenses.
  • The importance of thinking ahead and planning for the future of your career.

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