DTD Podcast 12- Stan Prokopenko from Artists to Successful Entrepreneur

DTD Podcast 12 - Youtube Artist: Interview with Stan Prokopenko - From Artist to Successful Entrepreneur Often times when I see people on Youtube that I find interesting and a high degree of talent, I make a judgement what I "think" they are like in real life.  Stan Prokopenko, an artist and entrepreneur, is one of those special guests, that has completely exceeded my expectations on all fronts!  He epitomizes what most of us would consider being a "success." Which is enjoying and loving what you do and bringing an impactful change to peoples lives in the form of art education. This is an interview that will not only focus on Stan's journey to become a Master in the Art of Drawing/Painting but also his quest to provide people with top notch education in the visual arts.  It's a fascinating journey where he discusses all his successes, failures, influences, and other talents he has been able to leverage, to create a successful business in Art Education.

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