73. Oksana Nesterenko on the war in Ukraine and Putin's regime

We welcome Oksana Nesterenko as part of our series on Ukraine. She is an Associate Professor of Law and the Executive Director of the Anti-corruption Research and Education Centre at National University of Kiev-Mohyla Academy. (01:06) - Nesterenko’s interest in anti-corruption and her work as an academic researcher and advocate (02:39) - The war for values (11:00) - The cultural and political threat of Ukraine; joining NATO and the threat to Putin’s regime (15:56) - Putin’s money and protecting his regime (25:00) - Zelenskyy as a politician and whether he held up to his anti-corruption promises (35:10) - What needs to be done by governments around the world to put a stop to dirty money (45:05) - Last words; money and war

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