087: How to get hired by big motion design studios

Our Mastermind Mentors have a wealth of experience behind them. So when we gave our students the opportunity to hop onto Clubhouse and ask for their advice about something they’re struggling with in their careers, they jumped at the chance. About the Mograph Mastermind Mentors  Hayley Akins is the Founder of Motion Hatch. Jess Peterson leads business, operations, and concept development at Mighty Oak, an award-winning creative studio specializing in hand-made animation and design.  Monique is a San Francisco-based, Miami-born, animator, illustrator, and director. Christopher Bernal is a Bay Area Motion Designer with over a decade of experience in the animation industry. And Jason Mallet is an award-winning freelance motion designer and video editor. About the Mograph Mastermind students Gabrielle is a motion designer and illustrator from Philadelphia. She’s a serial Mastermind student who has enjoyed the program so much, she’s returned more than once! She’s joined by student Brent, a freelance motion designer and animator and Ivan, a motion designer from California. In today’s episode, they asked the Mograph Mastermind Mentors to help them to tackle the biggest issue they’re currently facing in their careers.  Read the full shownotes here. Apply for a place on the Mograph Mastermind before registration closes. Download our free Social Media Guide for Motion Designers.

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