074 :How to Start Your Own Motion Design Studio w/ Joel Pilger

For those of us who start a studio, we think it will lead to a new level of freedom. Before too long, we realize that it’s a business and that creativity is just one part of it. Today’s guest helps creative business owners improve the business side of what they do so that they can focus on the parts that they love. About Joel Pilger Joel Pilger of RevThink is a consultant who helps creative studios become industry leaders. He focuses on helping owners in specific areas – genius, expertise, positioning, marketing, and sales – so their firms can produce their greatest work in the world. Finding your freedom, genius, and niche We all want the freedom to produce great work. Having your own motion design studio often gives you this freedom. But it’s not that simple. Joel explains how you can get the clients you’re after by curating a community, showcasing your expertise, and crafting your unique message. These aren’t simple and easy things. Yet, with the right approach and guidance it is completely achievable. Work is very personal to creatives. Joel urges creatives who are searching for a niche to serve to look within their own genius to find it. Identifying your genius will lead you to your niche. If you can focus on what you love to do, you can serve the best clients for you and find joy and inspiration in your work. Your community is the key to your success In the end, much of a studio’s success is derived from its community. Reaching out within your network is the best place to find the employees you want and the best clients. Joel explains how this community doesn’t happen by accident. It takes regular and intentional curation and engagement. Joel describes how identifying people’s problems and offering yourself as a solution is an effective way to become an integral part of this community. Quotes “The foundation is focusing on your genius. You have to identify your genius and focus on it. That informs your positioning, you build your community, you work with those best clients, and great work shows up.” [10:43] “Yes, I’m a big fan of working and focusing on a niche. However, niching down is a byproduct or a symptom of focusing on your genius.” [11:32] “That’s ultimately the shift that we’re all going through if you’re in this business - from being an order-taker and providing services to becoming an expert and providing value, results, and outcomes.” [34:35] In This Episode How consultants help studios improve various parts of their business [1:48] The different challenges of freelancing and owning a studio [4:40] How your niche derives from your genius [11:10] Growing a studio without giving up your creative pursuits [16:45] How curating a community can lead to new work [27:20] The shift that needs to happen to become a leader in your field [35:00] The one thing every motion designer needs to do to survive tough times [40:38] Key Takeaways Creativity is just one ingredient in owning a business. It should be the source of what you do and who you serve, but you’ll need help with the rest of the operation. Reaching out within your community will help you find the right people for your studio. Communities do not happen by accident. You need to curate your community and continually make offers within it. This will provide you with the best resource your studio needs to succeed and grow. Links a Resources Find Joel Pilger online Follow Joel on Instagram | Linkedin RevThink Podcast  Additional Resources Podcast music licensed by Big Waves sonosanctus.com dankoch.net Podcast production a marketing support by the team at Counterweight Creative Show Notes 

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