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Fake Headlines Podcast 106 After a chill week off from work, The Dillons are back with some funny weird news from around the internet! This week there is Wolf, wide pants, a Cadbury Frog, a quick camp, a psychic chicken a new ways to be a creep on LinkedIn! Gather round Fake Friends, lets laugh awhile, huh? ——————————————— WHAT IS FAKE HEADLINES? ——————————————— Three weird news stories but only one of them is real! Guess along as we try to fake each other out! A weekly comedy podcast featuring a husband and wife comedy duo riffing through the headlines. ——————————————— THIS WEEK’S HEADLINES: ——————————————— Florida Tree Frog Wins 2021 Cadbury Bunny Tryouts Dick Wolf Teams Up with Hasbro for Law and Order: SV Clue Limited Edition Board Game Hundreds Flock to this Tiny Washington Town to Meet Chicken Psychic  LinkedIn Launching Dating Website New Campsite Wants You to Come Play For The Day, But Not Stay Wide-Legged Jeans are Back to Hide a Year of Pandemic Pounds ——————————————— GROVE COLLECTIVE: The Dillons are huge fans of Grove, it’s where we get all of our cleaning and personal products from these days- check it out: Receive a Mrs. Meyer’s Winter Bundle for FREE with your 1st purchase of $30+ ——————————————— LISTEN ON STITCHER PREMIUM! ——————————————— Get one free month of Stitcher Premium by going to and entering promo code FAKEHEADLINES Listen to some of your favorite shows ad-free with Stitcher premium like Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend, My Favorite Murder, Having Funlessness with Jen Kirkman, Natch Beaut, Office Ladies, Prompt and Circumstance, Glen Thinks Stuff, Science Rules with Bill Nye and so many more! ——————————————— AUDIBLE TRIAL! ——————————————— This week's episode is sponsored by Audible! Get one free download along with a FREE 30 Day Trial by going to ——————————————— SMAL BUSINESS PLUGS! ——————————————— COACHING WITH KT ( Take charge and find confidence with a professional coach who will hold you accountable. ——————————————— MARKOLA (Https:// ————————————————- Order your bottle of Markola Coffee Syrup to make coffee sodas, coffee-milk, cocktails, ice-cream and more! ——————————————— KITTY BOX PRESS and ————————————————— Looking for some new fun tees to look cool in your socially distant selfies?  Get your custom made order from Kitty Box Press! And now featuring, Kitty Box Shirts! Rad tees you know you need in your life.  PS- They designed our logo! ——————————————— SOCIAL MEDIA! Follow us on Twitter!( ————————————————— Follow us on Instagram!( ————————————————- Follow us on Facebook!( EMAIL US! VISIT OUR WEBSITE! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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