74. Svitlana Musiiaka on the Independent Anti-Corruption Commission in Ukraine

In this special episode, Oksana Huss, who has been working on anticorruption in Ukraine for the last 10 years, talks with Svitlana Musiiaka, who is a lawyer based in Ukraine and Head of Research and Policy at NAKO. Musiiaka was previously Head of Corruption Detection in the Ministry of Health, and worked with the Prosecutors Office in Ukraine. (01:32) - Musiiaka’s career (06:37) - What is NAKO, and how it fits into Ukraine’s defence structure (https://nako.org.ua/en) (13:27) - Anticorruption developments in Ukraine (20:50) - NAKO and reform to change Soviet style ways (25:00) - Ukraine’s military history (28:24) - A constructive approach leading to successful collaboration (33:52) - The Soviet approach (37:30) - Transparency in the defence sector (45:08) - Reform in Ukraine and how Ukraine has held up its military strength against the Russian army (55:15) - Supporting Ukraine now

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