Learn the Spanish Future Tense with Music [Llorarás] ⏵97

Learn how to use the future tense in Spanish with the salsa song Llorarás by Oscar D'Leon.  We'll also review some common phrases in the future tense from the song lyrics, and an opportunity for how you can take your Spanish learning further.Show Notes: https://www.learnspanishconsalsa.com/97 Links Click here to register for Learn Spanish with Music Live ~ Thursday, November 12 at 7:00pm EST Sign up to be a show supporter at learnspanishconsalsa.com/support and get transcripts and exclusive bonuses ggg Rate a Review lllLet us know how we're doing por favor! Leave us a rating a review in iTunes or Stitcher, and we'll give you a shout out on a future episode.ggg Join our list lllTo be notified by email when new episodes are released, plus get access to exclusive listener discounts + giveaways, subscribe to our email list.Connect with us... Follow us on Instagram Join our Facebook Group Follow us on Facebook Support the show (https://www.learnspanishconsalsa.com/support)

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