4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Spanish Accent (Interview with Hongyu Chen, Speechling)⏵45

Do you want to improve your Spanish pronunciation, but don't know where to start?When learning a language, we have so many new skills to learn.  Unfortunately, pronunciation can be one of those areas we don't focus on soon enough. In this interview, Hongyu Chen from Speechling shares 4 easy ways you can improve your Spanish accent from the beginning.  This conversation is full of practical advice you can implement right away, so you'll never come across a Spanish word you don't know how to pronounce. Try out Speechling for free at http://www.speechling.com/salsa Show Notes: https://www.learnspanishconsalsa.com/45 g LEAVE US A RATING a REVIEW (click here)Let us know how we're doing por favor! Leave us a rating a review in iTunes or Stitcher, and we'll give you a shout out on a future episode.ggg Join our list lllTo be notified by email when new episodes are released, plus get access to exclusive listener discounts + giveaways, subscribe to our email list.Connect with us... Follow us on Instagram Join our Facebook Group Follow us on Facebook Do you want to sound like a native Spanish speaker? Fix your pronunciation mistakes with the Spanish Pronunciation Mastery Course. Podcast listeners get a 15% discount with code FIXMYACCENT. Support the show (https://www.learnspanishconsalsa.com/support)

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