The 5 Best Resources for Spanish Beginners⏵23

If you’re just getting started with Spanish and aren’t sure what to do first, this episode is for you. I break down my 5 favorite free and low-cost Spanish resources for beginners, and why you should use them. I also talk about things you should avoid and what to focus on at your level. See the links below for full reviews and discounts for the resources mentioned in the episode. Show Notes: and Resources Pimsleur (Get 25% off Pimsleur) Mango SpanishPod101 (Use the discount code SPANISHCONSALSA for 25 percent off basic, premium, and premium plus subscriptions. Sign up for right now and start speaking Spanish from your very first lesson using this link 5 Day Spanish Ear Training (Register for Free) ggg Rate a Review lllLet us know how we're doing por favor! Leave us a rating a review in iTunes or Stitcher, and we'll give you a shout out on a future episode.ggg Join our list lllTo be notified by email when new episodes are released, plus get access to exclusive listener discounts + giveaways, subscribe to our email list.Connect with us... Follow us on Instagram Join our Facebook Group Follow us on Facebook Support the show (

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