5 Must-See Attractions to Experience the Real Cuba (Interview with Devyn and Tracey Benson, Conocer Cuba Travel) ⏵10

If Cuba is on your travel bucket list, this episode is for you. In our conversation with Devyn and Tracey Benson from Conocer Cuba Travel, we talk about some must-see Cuban attractions to experience the real Cuba.  Find out the right way to travel to Cuba if you’re a US citizen, where to get the best Cuban cigars, and the #1 beach you have to visit that most tourists don’t know about.Show Notes a Transcript: http://www.learnspanishconsalsa.com/10Links and Resources Cuban Artist Wilfredo Lam  Museo de Bellas Artes g www.bellasartes.co.cu  Viñales g https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Viñales  Las Terrazas g www.lasterrazas.cu/en  Antiracism in Cuba: The Unfinished Revolution by Devyn Benson https://amzn.to/2QPw3pD Article by Daisy Rubiera: Pensamiento femenino negro cubano (Black Cuban Feminist Thought) https://negracubanateniaqueser.com/debates/afrocubanasellibro/daisy-rubiera-pensamiento-femenino-negro-cubano Devyn’s Favorite Song: Bésame Mucho https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83lnl6hOmUw Guests Devyn and Tracey Benson Conocer Cuba Travel www.ConocerCubaTravel.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/conocercubatravel ggg Rate a Review lllLet us know how we're doing por favor! Leave us a rating a review in iTunes or Stitcher, and we'll give you a shout out on a future episode.ggg Join our list lllTo be notified by email when new episodes are released, plus get access to exclusive listener discounts + giveaways, subscribe to our email list.Connect with us... Follow us on Instagram Join our Facebook Group Follow us on Facebook Support the show (https://www.learnspanishconsalsa.com/support)

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