Saving Water in Japan, Smoking on Gondolas, Using Treadmill Desks, and More

EPISODE CONTENTS AMUSE-BOUCHE: Otohime (音姫) A QUESTION OF ETIQUETTE: Skiing QUESTIONS FROM THE WILDERNESS: Is it OK to be using a treadmill desk while on a video call? My boss is making me feel bad for eating sushi and not sharing...what should I do? Why are people thanking me when calling balls "in" during a tennis game? VENT OR REPENT: Filling out paperwork, Not having voicemail CORDIALS OF KINDNESS: Thanks to mom, A nice Patreon note THINGS MENTIONED DURING THE SHOW Video of an Otohime (音姫) Toto NX1 Toilet Video of people dancing on tables in ski boots Orangina Cambridge Tennis Club Rules YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED TO... Support our show through Patreon Subscribe and rate us 5 stars on Apple Podcasts Call, text, or email us your questions Follow us on Instagram Visit our official website Sign up for our newsletter Buy some fabulous official merchandise CREDITS Hosts: Nick Leighton a Leah Bonnema Producer a Editor: Nick Leighton Theme Music: Rob Paravonian

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